iTrakWork is our in-house developed Adaptive BPM and Case Management System. It allows businesses to model, re-engineer and automate the business processes and workflows.

Process Automation

iTrakWork Foundation enables businesses to automate any kind of business process involving people, systems, sub processes and time driven events by integrating those based on business rules.

Secure Tracking

It has many unique and useful features that allow easy and secure tracking of work items across the globally diverse workforce.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics helps workload predictions across teams. It also helps in identification and removal of process bottlenecks.

Adaptive Processes

Pre-defined task templates and sub-processes can be created that can be invoked from the main process as and when the need arises as a result of processes exception, changing business need or out of standard process task assignment.

Scalable Platform

Multiple processes pertaining to different work areas co-exist on same platform. It can be integrated with existing systems using APIs and interface hooks.

End-User Features

- Multi lingual & Multi Time   Zones Support
- Tasks Delegation
- Tracking & Audit Trail of Work-items
- Configurable Task Reminders

Customer Centricity

Quickly respond to needs, wants and desires of the customers and enhance customer satisfaction with faster turnaround times.

Achieve Process Agility

Adapt to changing events and circumstances while still maintaining overall productivity and performance.


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