The core focus is indigenous development of military hardware and software, which are currently being imported from abroad.
Towards this, the firm has developed Kriegspiel, the state-of-the-art real-time mutli-system simulator.
The system comprises of emulators for 25 naval weapons and sensors, which are centrally controlled and configured by a “Tactical Scenario Generator”.
Tactical Scenario Generator (TSG) emulates mutli-threat environment
and is capable of generating more than one thousand air, surface and sub-surface targets.
TSG also generates navigation data to emulate realistic motion of the warship at sea.


Emulate realistic functionality and behaviour of Naval weapons and sensors in order to facilitate external system integration of “Weapons/Sensors/Systems” being developed by Defence Contractors.


Verify and validate System Integration of all weapons and sensors with Combat Management System and Ships Data Network in factory floor. This substantially mitigates system integration risks during onboard implementation, resulting in huge savings in costs and time.


To facilitate conduct of testing, trials and acceptance of “Weapons/Sensors/Systems” being developed by Defence Contractors.


To facilitate simulation of “Network Centric Operations/ Warfare”.

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